What are SnapCuts?

SnapCuts are videos made by you, 60 seconds or less, which demonstrate a question or technique you wish to have the Panel weigh in on.

The Lightning Round With SnapCuts

This year we are continuing our very successful Lightning Round sessions which will permit you to actively participate in the meeting.

During the Lightning Round your SnapCut will be presented to the panel and audience. The Panel will then answer your question in 60 seconds.


1. The SnapCut is NO LONGER THAN 60 SECONDS.

2.  The first 5 seconds of your SnapCut must show your Name, Country, and Subject Category.

3. Display your personal information at the beginning of the video as text. Example:

John Smith, M.D. 
Face and Neck 

4. Subject Categories are Eyelid, Face and Neck, Breast, Abdomen or Body, Buttocks, and Female Genitalia.   

5. Use your smart phone to make your SnapCut using the highest resolution. Record your question or comment while shooting the video or add it afterward. 

6. Submit 2 or 3 SnapCuts if you wish. We will present as many as time permits. 

7. Please obtain the appropriate medical/patient releases for the photographic/video material presented in your SnapCut.

8. Remember your SnapCut is 60 Seconds!
Submit your SnapCuts by texting / WhatsApp to 1 917 710-0599 or email to BY FRIDAY NOVEMBER 23.
Below is a sample SnapCut from Dr. Baker.

Last year’s Lightening Round Session demonstrated that this fast-paced exchange of information will be educational and entertaining. Having the Faculty and audience see your ideas and questions will make the “Lightning Rounds” exciting and informative.

We look forward to seeing you in New York this December.

Sherrell J. Aston, MD and Daniel C. Baker, MD